INTERNET SECURITY EVENT IN ARMENIA “Secure and Optimize your Internet Access”

20 02 2009


Apaga Technologies

Apaga Technologies

Being a vital source and mainstream for successful operation of all companies, the Internet also represents hazardous impediments. Though, different solutions have been suggested and used, aggravated threats are being developed day by day and starting their “massive destruction operations” by making the companies realize painfully the limits of their “homemade” protections.


With the arrival of a better backbone, of new ISPs and generalization of Internet access, most Armenian companies will change their behaviour towards the information and new services which they will relish.

Enjoying the past experience of its Director’s and Security team in Europe, Apaga Technologies is organizing the first “Secure and Optimize your Internet Access” event.

Date: Thursday, February 26th       
Venue: Marriott Hotel, Erevan

Supported by UITE: Union of Information Technology Enterprises of Armenia

The solutions presented during this session represent the best responses to the threats that most of the Administrations, Corporate companies and SMEs are facing, being connected to Internet.

The products presented are already in operation in the most important companies and sensitive organizations worldwide (Administrations, Banks and Insurance companies, Corporate organizations). 

Concrete, proven Solutions will be presented covering following threats:

  • Firewalling
  • Network Security
  • Email Security
  • Web Security
  • Content Filtering
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Intrusion Prevention System

Workshops will be held in the afternoon and precise solutions can be proposed to specific needs.

One to one meetings can be arranged for Friday 27th

Admission is Free but reserved to registered companies / individuals

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New “The Beatles Yerevan Pub” Website!

13 01 2009

beatles_homeIDS Company is proud to announce that the new the Beatles Pub Website has already been launched! 

Overall the website is simple and easy navigable. It is a clear presentation of the Beatles Pub. The content includes the menu available at the Plub, photos taken at the pub, location with detailed directions, information about the music played in the pub, etc. 

The Website design very well reflects the atmosphere at the Beatles Pub. It is very cozy and relaxing. 

beatles_menuThe Beatles Club is a great place to spend a quality time in Yerevan. It is a very pleasant place to stop by any day and especially when there is a special party organized or live music playing.

The Beatles Pub is the best place in Yerevan to enjoy the music of the Beatles, so familiar and so much loved all over the World. Therefore  you will surely feel like at home no matter what country you are from!

If you have already been at the Beatles Pub and experienced the welcoming atmosphere of the pub, please share your thoughts here with us! And anyone that wants to talk about the Website, please don’t hesitate to do it!

New Hertz Car Rental Website by IDS!

23 12 2008

Hertz Rent-a-Car in Armenia

IDS Company recently finished working on the new Hertz Rent-a-Car in Armenia website design.
The design is very close to the Hertz Company website design, as it is required for all the Hertz representatives around the world. Besides the information about the vehicles for rent the website also contains information on tours in Armenia and even self drive tours to different beautiful and exciting places around Armenia!

Some strong points on the functionality of the website are:

  • Website design is simple and user friendly
  • It has a very useful price calculator, which is quick and easy to use. As the companies main activity is providing vehicles for rent, you can calculate directly in the website the cost for your preferred vehicle for a specific duration. ( You should give it a try and see how it works!)
  • The layout was tailored to work with a CMS (Content Management System) which gives the website owners flexibility in making modifications, also in adding new languages to the website.
  • The Website has been optimized for search engines, therefore we are proud to say that it apears among the first Armenian Rent-a-Car Comapnies in the Google Organic search results!
  • According to the Hubspot Website Grader, the grade of this website is more than 60/100, which is very good, compared to similar websites!

One great thing about this Hertz Rent-a-Car in Armenia is that they work very hard at their customer service and unlike most Armenian Car Rental Companies, they always keep their vehicles in fine condition. They also have a great range of discounts for their loyal customers!

If you have ever had the chance to rent a car from this or other car rental company in Armenia, we would appreciate your comment about your experience! Also if you think that there could be other useful gadgets on similar sites, please let us know!