New “The Beatles Yerevan Pub” Website!

13 01 2009

beatles_homeIDS Company is proud to announce that the new the Beatles Pub Website has already been launched! 

Overall the website is simple and easy navigable. It is a clear presentation of the Beatles Pub. The content includes the menu available at the Plub, photos taken at the pub, location with detailed directions, information about the music played in the pub, etc. 

The Website design very well reflects the atmosphere at the Beatles Pub. It is very cozy and relaxing. 

beatles_menuThe Beatles Club is a great place to spend a quality time in Yerevan. It is a very pleasant place to stop by any day and especially when there is a special party organized or live music playing.

The Beatles Pub is the best place in Yerevan to enjoy the music of the Beatles, so familiar and so much loved all over the World. Therefore  you will surely feel like at home no matter what country you are from!

If you have already been at the Beatles Pub and experienced the welcoming atmosphere of the pub, please share your thoughts here with us! And anyone that wants to talk about the Website, please don’t hesitate to do it!




3 responses

20 01 2009

I’m fond of your blog, it’s cool one! How can I become your follower? Please leave a message for me here!

16 03 2009

The URL of web site is not working. Last letter ‘n’ in url is missing.

31 03 2009

Thank you Shushan, we have fixed it!

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