IDS Design and Technologies!

9 12 2008

Hello Everyone,

First thing first! I want to present myself and our new blog. I am Anoush Kabalyan and I work for IDS company as the Marketing Manager! Basically I am resposible for everything connected to Marketing, starting from Market Researches, Advertising, PR, Product Promotion, etc. IDS Design and Technologies is a company founded by a group of enthusiastic young professionals, who came together to create ideas. The simplicity and uniqueness of IDS works make an effective difference in the world of Design and Technology! IDS provides you with a variety of services, that can be grouped in the following categories:

  • IDS Design Services: Graphic Design, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Web Design
  • IDS Technologies: Software Development
  • IDS Marketing: Market Research, Organising Adverstising and PR Campaigns, Internet Marketing, etc.

The uniqueness of IDS is in its team, which consists of young individauls who always strive for more and are ready to put all that it takes to create unique ideas. For the beginning I will present you the department managers of the company:

  • Gayane Kabalyan, Head of IDS Programming Department

    Gayane Kabalyan, Head of IDS Programming Department (The Programmer)

  • Jirayr Iskenian (The Designer), Head of IDS Design Department

    Jirayr Iskenian (The Designer), Head of IDS Design Department

  • CEO and IT specialist (The Boss), Saro Iskenian

    Saro Iskenian (The Boss), CEO and IT specialist

  • Anoush Kabalyan, Head of Marketing Department (The Marketer)

    Anoush Kabalyan, Head of the Marketing Department (The Marketer)

Our IDS blog will contain different kind of topics that will include all the spheres IDS company is specialized in. Each of our Heads of Department will be blogging, providing very interesting, proffessional and up to date information for our readers! So stay in cotact with us and don’t hesitate to make inquiries on the topics that interest you the most!


~Anoush Kabalyan




5 responses

12 12 2008
Ashot Avetisyan

Very good guys. Excellent, prfict, well done well said good for you !!! Excellent! Way rad! Continue like this.


3 01 2009

It’s very exciting to know that there are young professionals like you in Armenia. I’m very happy for you guys!!!!!
p.s. Need a young lawyer, let me know 😉

17 01 2009
Gevor (_MARIO_)

It`s really exciting 🙂
I believe in You as I know Anoush and Gayush and i think that you`ll be first in Armenia 🙂
Good luck you 🙂

1 02 2009

Frankly, didn’t know that so many nice sites are produced in Armenia, for Armenian companies.

10 03 2009

Interesting job, you guys! Keep it up!

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